LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 56

CREATIVE BEAUTY By Carla Valencia de Martinéz | Photography courtesy of Stash Co. CHERYL SCHULKE (also known as Stash) and PAUL FORDE are the duo behind Stash Co. Their story is one richly woven in family history, artisanal production, community and mut X[\ܝ Z\ۙK[ًXKZ[YX\\HܙX]Y[H[\[X]\XܞH]\H^\\ܚX[X\[\\و\ۂ[\Y[[[x&\[Z[H[HZY X[\KHXܞH\ۙYH[x&\ܘ[\[XYX]\\Y NM͋[X]^YX\Y\\][Hܝ[]H[HXܞBXYH[\H]܈YX[ۋ]Y\\\\H][[X\H LK\[ [ۙYH\]\\Y\H]HX\][H[YH[\[Z[HYܚYYX\YܙH\H\Y\B]]Y\[ۜ\[۝\\[\ LYX\[\[\˂]ۈH[]H\܈\&\[^YX\[]\\H[X][ۈ\[ ۝X\ X˘KMH[H M