LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 31

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE 1. Nicole Longnecker Gallery 2625 Colquitt St. | 346.800.2780 PrintMatters Summer Invitational at Nicole Longnecker Gallery showcases the juried works of Texas artists and printmakers. Work varies from lithography, relief and intaglio to monotype and serigraphy. PrintMatters Summer Invitational is this year’s PrintMatters’ major exhibition of original prints, along with being a celebration of the artists who create them and the people who collect them. www.longneckergallery.com 2. Diverseworks 3400 Main Street, Suite 292 | 713.223.8346 Sheila Pepe’s exhibition is a commissioned installation that serves as an open meeting space and platform for several events, including a video installation by current MFAH Core Fellow Sondra Perry. With an interest in carving out space within solo exhibitions for young artists, Pepe invited Perry, working in video and performance, to respond to her augmented reinstallation of Put Me Down Gently, 2015. Each artist worked autonomously, yet their projects were hinged by shared resources, the color blue and an investment in improvisation within institutional frameworks. The exhibition evolved and two installations emerged – bound to each other by ongoing conversations on craft, class, race, place and screens of projection. www.diverseworks.org 3. Suplex 2619 Arbor St. | 832.863.6688 Garage Sale, And So Can You is a group exhibition featuring works by Texas-based artists who are motivated by the urgency to eject one’s self and work into the world, to discover opportunities in forgotten or lost work, and avoid otherwise compounded debts. A literal fire sale of artworks and lifestyle commodities, this exhibit showcases the act of resisting the compulsion to allow artwork and personal artifacts to collect dust, laying dormant in one of Houston’s massive storage centers, closets or the garage of a close friend. The exhibition is a demonstration of the act of moving on – the life performed – taking form as a complete exhibition and garage sale. www.splx.org 4. Laura Rathe Fine Art 1700 Post Oak Blvd. | 713.705.5044 Within the Invisible Space, a two-person show featuring the work of Christy Lee Rogers & Michael Laube, opens on Saturday, July 9. Underwater photographer Rogers and notable German painter Laube both utilize and harness the effects of light in their work to break the conventions of their mediums. www.laurarathe.com july 16 | L O C A L 31