LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 16

FOOD GOOD ZEBRA There’s no gray area with Good Zebra, only black and white. Well, in terms of the all-natural ingredients. The message is kinda zany. Spirit Animal Crackers. Stay with me, I know it sounds a little different, but that’s exactly what Good Zebra is doing: They are out to flip the cookie industry on its sugary little head. Founded by Houstonian-by-heart, badass Erika Szychowski (originally from Savannah, Georgia) who was brought to the Bayou C-ity in the 90s for work. Szychowski quickly made life-long connections. She shares, “My love for Houston was a combination of the city and the people, but to be honest, the friends I made there became the family I chose. Madly local, incredibly creative, and support is their middle name.” And thank goodness for that support. We go back to the Spirit Animal Cookies. A little nostalgia and a whole lot of coolness. From the sleek black, individual packaging, to the 11 little cookie shapes inspired by original tattoo art, to the all-natural really good and clean ingredients, to a woman following her dream – see what I meant by badass? Go get you some animal cookies! www.good-zebra.com By Carla Valencia de Martinéz Photography by Robert Bomgardner 16 L O C A L | july 16