LOCAL Houston | The City Guide JULY 2016 - Page 13

This month, Brazos Bookstore partners with 18 local businesses (located in clusters around the city, stretching from Rice Village to the Heights) for its fourth annual Find Waldo Local Scavenger Hunt! Throughout the month, Waldo will be hiding in 19 local businesses. Families can pick up a Find Waldo Local card at any of those businesses and then go find Waldo at each place for a chance to win prizes at the Find Waldo Finale Party at Brazos on Sunday, July 31, at 1pm. www.brazosbookstore.com/articles/kidsarticle/find-waldo-back for full details. A little over 33 miles outside of Houston at Fulshear’s Cross Creek Ranch is a sustainable tree farm marking its 10th year with about 2,500 trees of varying sizes and varieties which, when mature, will all be transplanted into developed areas of the master-planned community. The community offers a country feel close enough to the comforts of Katy, but we love the attention given to 40 acres of land slated for development late in the community’s timeline, used for a sustainable purpose. And meanwhile, Uptown Houston relocated a 75,000-pound, 30-foot Southern Live Oak to the corner of the 610 feeder and Post Oak Boulevard. Eight hundred Live Oak trees are being custom grown for future installation on Post Oak Boulevard. The project is estimated to take three years to complete and will convert Post Oak Boulevard into a beautifully designed, canopy-lined grand boulevard with landscaped pedestrian environments, while preserving existing automobile lanes. They are working with Trees for Houston to preserve, donate and relocate trees. Smart and beautiful, right!? If you are not able to move it, PICKUP is. The instant delivery service featuring Good Guy drivers and their pickup trucks has entered the Houston market. The appenabled moving service leverages trusted resources like military veterans, firefighters and other off-duty public servants and their pickup trucks to transport items. PICKUP helps with moving large items, whether it’s from a retail showroom floor to your home, to enable your business or solve any other moving problems. The service will transport basically anything that can fit in the truck, instantly. www.pickupnow.com july 16 | L O C A L 13