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STYLE + LEISURE GUEST STAR Shine with the Winter Box from Mostess Everyone loves a good guest. And during the holiday season, you can be the best guest ever when you gift your hosts with the Winter Box by Mostess, a Houston-based company that specializes in curating themed boxes of luxury entertaining items. Founder LINDSEY ROSE KING came up with the concept after exhausting herself trying to juggle a fulltime job, countless social events and welcoming guests into her tiny apartment. To top it off, she found old etiquette rules that dictated proper party invites and entertaining tips didn’t fit into her lifestyle. With Mostess, you can effortlessly entertain in your home or give the gift of fine entertaining to others. Boxes, which are released seasonally, are priced at $120. While the price may sound a bit on the high side, "It's every 60 days, so for our customer base, it works for them," King says. "We chose to do full-sized, high-end products as opposed to disposable or travel-sized products that you get in a lot of subscription boxes," she adds. You can expect to enjoy items such as cocktail ingredients, tableware, linen, stationery, snacks, bar cart items and more. In addition to fantastic products, each box includes a Mostess Booklet complete with recipes, product descriptions and modern entertaining tips so you can pull of effortless entertaining. The Winter Box includes such coveted items as a stag wine stopper, a plaid blanket scarf, Pepper Creek Farms cinnamon sticks, a gold cocktail shaker and porcelain holiday coasters. Also, you can get informative tips and tricks for modern etiquette, effortless entertaining and festive celebrations by visiting King’s blog on www.mostessbox.com. It’s updated regularly with valuable information for hosts and guests alike. You can also purchase boxes for yourself or others directly from the site. Says King, “There's something about the interaction of bringing a gift to someone that we don't really do enough." Now, with Mostess, you have no excuses for not being a great guest! Happy Holidays! By Tim Moloney Photography courtesy of Mostess 58 L O C A L | december 16