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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR A s I write this, it’s one week after our toxic presidential election and one week before Thanksgiving…sort of a limbo between two very different occasions. Like many of you, I’m still trying to process what’s going on in this country and in the world at large. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, we should brace for major change. That’s what makes the holiday season all the more important this year. We can take comfort in the familiar, in our traditions with family and friends, our favorite foods, the lights and colors and sounds of the season. They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing. Just remember to take time to enjoy it. Photography by Cody Bess With this in mind, we’ve put together a survival guide to the holidays. In the following pages, you’ll find news and features to make entertaining, giftgiving and celebrating the season easier for you. You’ll find tips and tricks from hostess Rebekah Johnson, a rundown on local cookbooks that make great presents, a guide to Christmas lights around the city, plus a delicious visit with Arcodoro and a roundup of local dining spots with Brian Tagtmeier. Also, Rice University’s Dr. Stephen Klineberg makes an appearance with his thoughts on Houston’s future in 2017. As always, we’ve got "Gish at the Movies" and Marzi’s "Fat Finds" for the holiday fashion 411. I am thankful for our team of writers and photographers who makes every issue possible. Have a great holiday season! Tim Moloney editor-in-chief BEHIND THE COVER FOR THIS MONTH’S “SURVIVAL GUIDE,” LOCAL HOUSTON MAGAZINE ENGAGED HOUSTON ARTIST MICHAEL WOOTEN TO CREATE A POWERFUL IMAGE OF GETTING THROUGH HOLIDAY OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES. IN HIS WORK, WOOTEN OFTEN JUXTAPOSES IMAGES OF REBELLION WITH WHAT HE CALLS IMAGES OF DISTRACTION, WHICH SO OFTEN HAPPENS–WE FOCUS ON THE CELEBRITY DISTRACTIONS AND MISS THE IMPORTANT STRUGGLES OF THE WORLD. HIS ARTWORK CAN BE FOUND AT: WWW.WOOTENART.WORDPRESS.COM 4 L O C A L | december 16