LOCAL Houston | The City Guide December 2016 - Page 27

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE OUI BANH MI CUISINE: Vietnamese 1601 Richmond Ave. | 832.831.5172 | oui-banhmi.com Mon–Sat: 11am–11:59pm; Sun: closed Photo by Rebekah Flores The Vietnamese community has had a long-standing impact on the Houston restaurant scene. With the fourth largest Vietnamese American population in the U.S. (behind three areas in California), Houston has definitely been blessed. Oui Bahn Mi, the newest addition to this scene, is a perfect fit. Taking over the old Lucky Burger location on Richmond Avenue, Lynh Li (co-owner of Les Givral’s, which she runs with her brother) brings the fast casual concept that still delivers the traditional flavors with a spin. With the addition of a drive-thru, Oui Banh Mi sets itself apart. It’s not fast food in any sense. It is food made quickly that still maintains a level of quality far beyond the typical drive-thru. Featured on the menu are the standard fare, noodle soup (pho), bun (vermicelli) and egg rolls (cha gio). And of course, the banh mi or classic Vietnamese sandwich. I was treated to the chargrilled pork and the shredded chicken. The pork was tender and well-flavored on a soft French roll. The shredded chicken provided a good contrast, though I did add a little Sriracha, mostly because I could. The dumplings, only available at Oui and not at Les Givral’s, were a good vegetarian option. With the spicy fish sauce, they were light and refreshing. To accompany our meal, I had the hazelnut coffee, a welcome variation on the Vietnamese coffee I have learned to love in my 30 years in Houston. Thicker than a regular iced coffee, it wasn’t too sweet, which allowed the hazelnut flavor to come through. I could easily see driving through several times a day just for the coffee. OK, I’d probably pick up a banh mi on at least one trip. No question. Interior Open from 11am until midnight, Oui Banh Mi provides the perfect option to satisfy everyone’s Viet cravings. Quickly, but ѥݕ()Qչ́ȀԁЁͽͥ)ͥɔȁȁݸѕ%ԁЁɥչѡ)ɅЁ̰ɽ镸ɥ́ѱх́ɔəЁэ%а)ȁ!!ȽȰх䁙ȁѡ䁥ɕɽ٥)1é ɕ)ȁѡѠ͍̰ѡ́ͅɔəиQ՝ձݥѠɅ݉ɥ̰)̰ɔɽѕ́́͡хи]Ѡѥ́ՙ)Ѽ͡ɔЁٕͅѥ͙́ѡɹٽɔɥѥѡ́ɕ٥ܸ)!٥ѡɥхȁ́Aѡɽ՝ѡхѕ1ɥ!ٕ䰁Ѽ)ȁمɥ䁽ɽ镸ɥ́ѱх̸QAɕ̰)ѕե͕хݥѠ5᥍Ȱ́ͽٽɥєMȁѼ)啹ɽ٥ͅЁ͵䁭)!ٕéѱх́ɔͅѥ͙她ݥЁѡɅЁхɕ)Aɕɕɹѡѱ́ЁͥȁѼ͕ٔѽ́ե)ݥѡЁͅɥՅ丁$ٔѡ!!͕ٔх)䁙ٽɥєQٽ̰ЁɥQȁ ͅ)ɥ()]ѠѡɵЁѥAA鄁́Ʌ͕́$٥єԁѼ()Ȁ؁()0< 0((((