LOCAL Houston | The City Guide December 2016 - Page 21

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE Lorighittas Con Capretto Panna Cotta As most Italian cooks use bay laurel leaves, Farris and his chef Luigi Shimaj use the Sardinian equivalent – sweet myrtle leaves. “It grows on the island, so,” shrugs Farris, “we use it!” Enormous pride rests with the hand-braided pasta dish Lorighittas con Capretto. “Very Sardinian, very authentic,” I am told by at least three waiters. “Only two people in the world do this – and they do it for us,” says Lori Farris, Efisio’s wife, who handles business details including the Gourmet Sardinia food product line. The dish with the braided pasta presents the very essence of Sardinian food with its sauce of braised goat, artichoke hearts, pinch of saffron, a few sautéed cherry tomatoes, hints of myrtle and rosemary, a little garlic and EVOO (made from Arcodoro’s own olives – “my family knows the name of every tree,” says Farris). “The menu doesn’t say,” offers Shimaj, “but