LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2017 - Page 66

THINGS I LOVE BY CHRISTINE JELSON WEST CULTURAL PROGRAMS MANAGER AT HOUSTON FIRST CORPORATION Native Houstonian Christine Jelson West, the Cultural Programs Manager at Houston First Corporation, has over 15 years’ experience in nonprofit arts administration – including executive leadership positions at Lawndale Art Center and the Galveston Arts Center. She is active in the Texas art community and is currently the Vice President for Special Programs on the Texas Association of Museums board. FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE INTERNATIONAL GROCERY STORES Explore Fiesta, Phoenicia, H Mart, Hong Kong Market and a myriad of other small shops that proudly import goods from countless countries so that our diverse citizens can have a little taste of home. Take a vacation in an afternoon. Step in and explore another country just down the street. FROZEN TREATS It’s August, but even in December I am a sucker for a frozen treat. How can I chose just one? Gourmet ice cream at Fat Cat Creamery. Fancy popsicles at Steel City. Want a buzz with your brain freeze? Try a Frozen Suffering Bastard at Double Trouble, Frojitos at The Flat, Shandys at D&T Drive In and the Blue Hawaiian at Axelrad. The best frozen margarita in Houston? Without a doubt – Spanish Village. Places I’m dying to try: East End Hardware for boozy snoballs, Kwality Ice Cream for Indian flavors and Treats of Mexico, no explanation needed. THE WORLD AT OUR DOORSTEP Take a 20-minute drive down Gessner, Elgin/ Westheimer, Long Point or Bellaire and experience firsthand that Houston is the most diverse city in the country. Shops, groceries, restaurants, banks, meat markets and more serving a multitude of communities pass before your eyes in minutes. Signs in as many languages have folks reaching for Google Translate. Slow down. Stop in. Say hello. 66 L O C A L | august 17 THE ART COMMUNITY It took leaving Houston for a few years (I know. What was I thinking?) to clearly com- prehend how welcoming, supportive and accessible our art community is. Creative expression is valued in Houston. Local artists and performers are given opportunities in all of the "7FGWF2B7WGFrFPVFvR6'F7B'V76W2fW"FvFW&R2fW&&6rG&fRF'VB6ЦV7F2&WGvVVW"7&VFfR6VFW0vFFW'2&VBFRv&BvR6fRG&VVFW2F&27W'Bf FR'G2ג'B6VG2֖7&66ЦbW7F( 26F7&BFB&Vv2vFVFrBFVvWBFR"FR4TU52Tr( 0dTDU5DऒfW'V6F&R'Bb&v旦Fv&rFG&6f&ЧFRV7B6FRbFvFvBF'FW"vFFRvFW&gVF66fW'w&VV7&VFr7WW"gVV&Ɩ0&w&֖rFRfVFF7G&7BvfVvBbFRvVVf6F'2B&W6FVG2WW&V6Pg&VRW&f&6W2ƗfRW62@V&Ɩ2'BvRVr6R`FR&W7B6&W7FW&G2&VBFP6VF"6vW2Fǒ66V6W@FRvV'6FRB6RFvFFRfVF%B4"$DR6( BF氦bRWfVBFB&WGFW V&FW2W7F( 2f'&B7&VFfRg&VFǒ6'BgVFfW'6RBvV6֖r7&@FFRV'B6"&FRWfW'R2fFVBF6VV'&FPFR'F7BWfW'RP6VFW"FR&FRP6GFVBBFrvW22r2B&2B2FR7@g&VRBgVWW&V6W2`7&VFfRW&W76( 2WfW"VwW7Br2cp