LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2017 - Page 38

By Janice Schindeler | Photography by Neil Burger
5.30.2017 3:41pm
Dynamite Scallop Maki
For what feels like an eternity , I have been driving past 2929 Weslayan – anticipating the momentary opening of ROKA AKOR . For so long . Seriously , even the vinyl “ opening soon ” sign faded from exposure .
So anxious , I am here on the second night of business . And so are all the Roka Akor heavies – corporate chef , executive sushi chefs , regional and national managers .
It is a bright and sunny six o ’ clock and the blond wood dining room and bar are vibrant with chatty customers . So sun-bright that the daylight blows out the subtlety of the back-lit wine cellar designed to glow like the orange coals of the robata grill . But the glow grows as the sun sets and these fire-colored lights hint at the attention to detail one will encounter throughout the evening .
Honoring tradition while employing futuristic equipment , this Michelin Guide-recommended restaurant group , based out of Scottsdale , pole vaults over the current bar of excellence in Houston .
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