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PERFECT PAIR Pairing Up Oma's Famous Fried Chicken and Vitus Weizenbock We know, you purists will scoff at a place on TC Jester being called the Heights (Timbergrove, what?). But semantics and Key Maps aside, King’s BierHaus is the bier haus we all deserve, whether you’re in the HHA or you live in the “heights” off Ella or Center St. As epic as Das Boot, King’s didn’t spare any of the kitsch (used in the appreciative way) with its modern, updated rendition of the classic German beer hall. Humble beginnings in Pearland as a bratwurst stand at a carwash (yep!) to huge Pearland icon, King’s second gigantic location shows these guys must be doing it right. Tons of patrons at the Heights outpost on community seating, pic- nic-style tables, as well as “private” indoor and outdoor tables for couples, families, or groups. Since King’s is spacious, even when it’s crowded, you should be able to find a spot under or around the murals, in the beer garden on a hammock seat or near the water feature, by the bar full of real liter and half liter mugs, boot mugs, and taps galore...there will be a spot somewhere. Just don’t forget to order in the front at the hostess stand and get your number. We don‘t mock the hood borders here without trying to make a point. This is a place worth traveling for, no matter how you define the area. Come for the Austrian, German and American food, outfitted service and certainly come for the awesome German draft beer and schnapps selection with some great Texas standards mixed in as well. History lesson. Weihenstephaner claims to be the oldest operating brewery in the world (1040 AD!!). We’re fairly sure no one can beat that, and we’re also fairly sure the Vitus, our pairing beverage companion, is a spicy single-bock that may change how you think of beers depending on your normal choice. If you like Karbach WEISSE VERSA, this is 1000% better. Similar in flavor profile, Vitus gives you plenty of banana, cream, yeast and clove...die besten... with a nice white head and a golden haze to the body of the beer. We should also mention this beer has been rated the top beer in the world, as if you needed another reason to try it. And try it with OMA’S FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN you shall, because at the very least, this is a pairing of fried chicken and beer. Not much more to say but we’ll say more anyway. A Sitter family recipe for over 150 years, Oma knows her chicken. A quarter chicken so tender and juicy, with the perfectly crisp schnitzel-style breading, that veg- etable soup marinade is magic. Served up with a side salad with a nice light and refreshing jalapeño/cilantro dressing and (!!) potato salad, it‘s a meal. A meal fit for all King’s. Remember, beer and fried chicken, gut (good). German beer and Oma’s fried chicken, besser (better). 7.18.2017 10:56pm By Mike Cook Photography by Kennon Evett OMA’S FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN + HALF LITER OF WEIHENSTEPHANER VITUS WEIZENBOCK 24 L O C A L | august 17 KING’S BIERHAUS 2044 E. T.C. Jester | Houston, TX 77008 281.990.3042 www.kingsbierhaus.com august 17 | L O C A L 25