LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2017 - Page 22

“Monday night, so many customers ordered Kobe beef, we are worried about running out before next allotment arrives.” have to decide: Say the magic word Omasake – the chef will just start sending out dishes. Omasake – translates to “entrusting your fate to the chef” – and why not? He knows the freshest and the best. FYI: Roka rolls old school style; one order of sushi = two pieces. The sashimi is deliriously impeccable. The fish glistens, the cuts precise, the pieces perfectly mouth-size, the array stunning. The added flourishes scream luxury: hamachi tinged with 24 karat gold leaf; Ossetra caviar dots the seasonal deluxe sashimi platter. On the menu, there is even a Premium Blue Fin Tuna flight. If you thought Toro was the ultimate, just wait until you are introduced to Chu Toro or Hon Maguro. Buttery uni (sea urchin roe), so ocean-fresh knees go weak. Bain has honed his craft to such a level of expertise that he can tell by taste and appearance the source of the uni. “I like the uni from the waters off Hokkaido – the ocean is deeper, the water is colder there – the uni is better.” Wasabi is house-grated, soy sauce housemade. And Himalayan pink salt grated tableside. (And an excellent, novel flavor enhancer.) Attention to detail, mind-boggling. Even the small,