LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 65

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE Photography courtesy of Coltivare Pickled Butternut Squash Salad from Coltivare Of all the things we love at Coltivare (and there are many), we are especially happy when this seasonal salad returns to the menu. Featuring lacinato kale, pickled butternut squash, smoked gouda, pecans and local pears, Chef Ryan Pera says, “We wanted a late summer/early autumn salad that was refreshing, utilized our local produce and that was unique.” Photography by Erin Hicks Cucumber Gazpacho from Bernadine’s Chef Graham Laborde puts out some killer cuisine, including this incredible chilled summer soup that we could easily eat every d ^H[]\\HًX[X\\YH\X[Y][H]\Z[\[ \^H[\X\[ۙ]BX\]H]و\YY XY[\[[ۙ][\YX\وܘX[\[XYH]Y\™\ˈۙ\K]8&\X][[H ܘ\H\\Hوܙ‚X[\Y[Hܙ][ۂH\Hܘ^HX]\]K]ZK[]ۈ˂[X[XKٙ\[X[H\ X]]Y[H\\Y][\ˈ\[\۸&]][ZHY[ ]H[[B[XYݙ\Y[܈[[YY[ۚXH[ۙx&\\[ۈوXY[ܚ[Y\Y[ X\[]Y]\X]H[ X[X[ܙY[[\H[قX[\\\ [H[&][]XKY Kܘ\HH\[X‚H8'Xܙ]\\'HH^[Y\X[BH\HY[][Hۛۈ\\ݙHHܙX]\\[YY[Hܜ\Y[ٙ\[\\[ۈ ]B\ۛH܈][[x&\\^܊KHۙ]][BY][XX[  K[ދܘ\YYYY]Y\™H \\\Y[YX[X\][ X]BY\[Yۚ[ۈۈH\[XYH]['[\ۙ'H[XZH܈ۙHY\\\]Y\ MHB