LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 55

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE “WHO WAS...?” ELEANOR TINSLEY ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK ELEANOR TINSLEY Photography courtesy of Tinsley famil, photo by Tom Callins Photography courtesy of Buffalo Bayou Partnership, photo by Chris Moras By Carla Valencia de Martinéz IF ANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE SHOWTIME HIT BILLIONS, YOU KNOW IT’S NOT EASY TO HAVE A BUILDING OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER (E TSHTԓS HSQQQTSKSTSSHSSQHSHRSHTVSTRSSQSPPԒTSӋHX]]Y[\\Y]Y[H[[۝ۈ\ۈ[[H[Y[^[H\Y[ۛ܈ق[X[܈[^H\Yۈ\ۈ]H[[ ]\H][ۊH܈ MYX\ˈ[^HYY[ H]HYBو ؘXH\ۛۈ܈X\XY[Hܙ[[HY[]H[\[H NN H\[Y]H܂X]]YX][ۋ]8&\][]\HܘX\ۙHوH[X]]Y[[HXH]K[[\Z[وB\ۈۚXHZY]\]\[ Z[X[[[X\N8'][Y[XX\وX[[HXHۈ[]X[]\܈\YܙY][ۋ[[[[\Y[][ۋXXH[Y]\]Z\[Y[^HY[\XK[X [X[܈[[[^HX^H]HY[HۛHۙK'B[^H\][Y 8'XH[[HH]HH\H[HܙX] Yܘ[]Y\Y܈[O'B[[HۛHۙ\[X[Z[ۙHوH]x&\X]]Y[\˂]Y\ MHMB