LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 54

WHERE ARE AMARA RISA DEPAUL THEY NOW LOCAL has been publishing for over 18 years and we have the archives to show it. With this column we continue to reach back into our old issues to see “Where are they now?” AUGUST 2016 Photography Courtesy of Amara Photography by Sofia van der Dys NOVEMBER 2006 VOLUME 8 | ISSUE 95 | NOVEMBER 2006 PLAYING THE FIELD In November 2006, Amara Risa graced our cover (she’s been on two) modeling for Page Parkes 713 alongside one of the nation’s best polo players, Nacho Figueras. Today Amara is inspiring people. Whether it’s through her busy yoga teaching schedule at Big Yoga or on adventure all over the planet snapping up aweinspiring images along the way. But most recently, and what has us the most excited, is the journey she’s on with best friend and business partner Chelsea Williams called Meraki Printing. For many people keeping a journal or daily calendar is part of their lives. Meraki has created a planner to empower users to “live life how they want to live it,” by encouraging people to stop waiting, wake up and realize that they 54 L O C A L | august 16 have the power to choose to create time and space in their everyday lives to make their dreams a reality. They are on track to launch their kickstarter this month so users can take action in 2017. But with encouragement like: “Doing this kind of work isn’t easy. You’re going to face challenges, you’re going to want to skip days, but stay with it. You’re more powerful than you know. These tools will help you get shit done, do good shit and make shit happen!” We’re down. www.merakiprinting.com