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1 . CAPSULE GALLERY | 3909 Main Street | 713.807.7065 In a partnership with Karbach Brewing Co ., Capsule Gallery presents THIRST , on view through September 10 . We here at LOCAL couldn ’ t help but notice how fitting this exhibit is to our Food + Drink issue . This show celebrates the vessels that so perfectly hold one ’ s libation of choice . On exhibit will be both functional and decorative receptacles meant to engage guests and encourage them to support craft and design while helping offset the impact of single-use beverage containers . Yes ! Image : www . capsulegallery . com
2 . HIRAM BUTLER GALLERY | 4520 Blossom Street | 713.863.7097 Caterwauler , Matt Kleberg , a New York-based , Texan native and a Pratt Institute graduate , makes paintings that pull from Cubism , Fauvism and various related movements to produce a colorful balance of directional forces . His work borrows from architectural and ornamental references such as altars , theatre sets and stages , all spaces that frame specific actions and actors , suggesting an interest in performativity , whether ritual or theatrical . Out of a practice formerly concerned with figuration , Kleberg ’ s recent work offers the absence of any depicted actor . Charged spaces and the presence of the hand imply the possibility of the figure , and , by extension , implicate the viewer in their own embodiment . Bright colors and repetitive marks , as seen in Caterwauler , ( image on left ) have the hum of the rhapsodic , but the wonkiness evokes something decidedly human . www . hirambutler . com
3 . ANYA TISH GALLERY | 4411 Montrose Blvd . | 713.524.2299 Puffy , Prickly , Poured is an exhibition featuring new and recent paintings , sculpture and installation by three female artists from diverse cultural backgrounds . Claire Ashley ’ s conjunction of abstract painting and monumental sculpture , ( pictured at left ) created from spraypainted canvas tarpaulin and inflated into a massive bulbous form , parallels relationships of the human body : inhalation and exhalation , wrinkled skin versus taut , the evolution of a pregnant woman ’ s stomach . Xuan Chen transforms paint into an object before creating her compositions , pouring thick shapes of paint onto plastic , peeling each shape off , and reconfiguring them onto a wooden panel . Dan Lam ’ s free-formed globular sculptures are covered in vividly painted spikes gradating in color and size , inciting a dual sensation that both repels the viewer and begs them to come closer . www . anyatishgallery . com
4 . SILVER STREET STUDIOS | 2000 Edwards St . If you haven ’ t been to the Washington Avenue Arts District , Collective Perception is the perfect excuse . The exhibition is a collaborative experience of original art by the resident artists at Silver Street featuring works of varying mediums . Over 15 distinct countries of origin are reflected in the immense diversity in the works on view . The show is curated by local watercolorist Gordon Phillipson and is on view through September 10 . www . silverstreethouston . com
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