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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE During that full day off cooking her mother’s recipes in Claiborne’s “dream kitchen” – eight courses in all – Routhier won over Claiborne, as well as his two other guests – Jacques Pepin and a random Contessa (his Long Island neighbors). “Claiborne set up a table with a typewriter in front of the kitchen, and just observed me while typing away,” she remembers. “He didn’t have much to say but Jacques Pepin was raving about every dish! Can you imagine? The most famous French chef in the world?” When the glowing article he wrote about her appeared a few weeks later on the cover of the “Living” section, Routhier started receiving messages from agents, publishers, reporters and well-wishers from around the world. “Here I was still in school at the Culinary Institute of America, one week away from graduation, and people were asking me to write a cookbook,” she marvels. But if you never risk anything, you never win anything. Instead, she focused on finding a job – and she did, at New York’s famed Sarabeth’s Kitchen, as a line cook. Within two years, she was the restaurant’s chef. However, the idea of writing a cookbook had never left her mind. “I went back to one of the agents who contacted me and he agreed to help me put together a proposal to publishers. So, after work at the restaurant, I would write down my recipes, which was difficult, because all that I knew was in my head or my palate. You practice by tasting...in Vietnam we didn’t have printed recipes. It took almost two years to test every single recipe to make it perfect,” Today Routhier, now a Houston resident with her husband and an instructor at Central she says. Market’s cooking school, is taking that respectful and traditional approach to the menu When her book, The Foods of Vietnam, came out in 1989, it got ]H]Y]ˈ]X]\Y[ܙH[ MLX\\HH\[\Y[ۜوY][[™H[\H[Z[H\\[Xܘ]H[]Y]ˈ\B\HX[ۜۈ[ܙYY[HZ\[x&\\ܞH[ܙ\[HYX[[HY]\H\]\[ ]\[H\وX[H؛]Y\\[Y[K\[ۈY][ۘ[Y]\H^\[]ܜšY\H[x&\[[\H[]KH[HX[H\HܙX][]HۚX[ H]\]وH[YY]–[ܚXY[[[\Z[و[HY]\H\]\[ˈ8'x&[HZ[›XZ[Z[HY][ۜ]]HHH\[[\\[][ۋ'BXZ[وHۚX[[][ܚ]Y\\[][YHY[H\H YX\Y[HY[H[HYH\H^H\]H]XH[YH\HۙHB[[Y 8'H\\X[YH[\[X\ٝ[]^H\[Hۋ8'HB]Yˈ[H\]\[XYY[[\ۋHۙ\XYۂ]Y\[\Y\HH[[\H\X܈[\\8'\ۈ\HܙX][[\H]K]X[H\]\[[H][Y]\H[][]K\\\ܝ[]H\HHZ\[HH]HY\[KZHHZY 8&Y[H۸&]ZH\[H]\[&x'H]]Y\[\KHۚX[\[HH[\HۚX[ \Z[Y\ \ۋ ˛XۚX[\ۋB]Y\ MH B