LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 38

BAR BLEU This dazzling new 6,500sf boutique lounge and event venue – a $1 million project near Rice Village – is a sophisticated, stylish hangout with Happy Hour from 4–10pm on Thursdays and Fridays and DJ entertainment Thursday–Saturday beginning each night at 10. With multiple VIP areas, an LED dance floor and eclectic dance music all night long, Bar Bleu is quickly becoming one of Houston’s hottest hotspots. 2506 Robinhood St. | 713.997.9177 | www \]Z\ۋBVSQQTTS][\B^[Y\[ܙH[HܘYY\\[]8&\H\X[\ۈB[[[[\H[Hو[\[[]YK[Z[ZYx&\^H[HZ[ \Y]Y[ZYۋ ܙ\[H]\][H\X ^[Y\ B\ L \[[[H]B][Y[\\H\H $͜BYZ^\X]\\ [XY\ Hٙ\H\][ܜ[[\[ Hޙ[[ˈۈ[XY\^\HY[\H\Z]Y[H\\[^[Y \HXH[ۈH $\HBYH\[[ݙ\]\BMLM[X[XH\ۋ  LˍNMˎ ˘^[YY\\[H[$Y Lx$X[Hx$] Lx$̘[BH]Y\ M