LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 34

IKEA RESTAURANT IKEA isn’t just a store providing a range of home furnishing products. IKEA is conscious that food brings people together to help create a better everyday life at home, which is why they exclusively serve and sell seafood that is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), whose programs are globally recognized as the world’s most credible, science-based standards for sustainable, responsible seafood. Salmon plates start at $5.99, with takehome varieties from the Swedish Food Market at $7.99. 7810 Katy Fwy. | Houston, TX 77024 | 888.888.4532 | www.Ikea.com | Restaurant Hours: Mon–Sat 9:30am–8:30pm, Sun 9:30am–7:30pm ARTURO BOADA CUISINE A UNIQUE BOUTIQUE RESTAURANT This vibrant gem is located off Voss Road at Del Monte Dr. The neighborhood eatery serves up an eclectic blend of Italian, Spanish and Latin cuisine not to be missed. Try unique tapas like the camarones henesy en hamaca, mussels tomatillo, ceviche and many more. The wood-burning oven puts out authentic thin crust pizzas, with favorites such as the carnitas pizza. We offer a flavorful selection of fresh seafood and steaks. Our homemade desserts are a must, from wood oven-baked apple pastry to Ar \&\™[[\ܰYH0YKH[ \XY[B\ٙ\H\Y]Hو]\]YH[^\]B[\Y\ˈH\H\H\HX[[]H[Hو[\XX[\]Y\˂Y\\YBLL[[۝H\ۋ M Lˍ LH˘YXZ\[KHSYx$ќHSTYKT[H]Y\ M