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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE Local sources to consider include Yonder Way Farms, The Barry Farm, Texas Heritage, Ranch to Kitchen, Jolie Vue Farms, Law Farms and others. For dairy, Ali says that issues with digestive disturbances, skin conditions, cognitive dysfunction and inflammation are strongly tied to quality and diet of the source along with production techniques. A reduced heat product such as Mill-King low-heat pasteurized dairy or raw milk from Gramen Farm in Tomball allows for maintenance of delicate, heatsusceptible nutrients. Dairy products that are fresh or raw also provide probiotics and vitamin K, and maintain all of the enzymes such as lactase to aid with lactose tolerance. As well as providing a better tasting product. Raw milk cheeses are available through Houston Dairy Maids, Revival Market and even area grocery stores now, but raw milk and yogurt are only available for direct farm sales. The same rules apply for eggs. Look for pastured eggs from chickens that are allowed to roam free, resulting in nutritionally dense protein that is higher in Vitamin A, E and Omega-3s. Pastured “yard eggs” are always available at farmer’s markets, Revival Market and Whole Foods but also they are becoming widely available at stores like HEB, for brands like Vital Farms. Selecting sustainably produced foods from local sources will always lead to the most nutrient-dense, food-as-medicine fuel for the body. Empower yourself by asking questions about where protein sources originate and remember: Supporting local farmers is a great way to support your ecosystem, community and your body! august 16 | L O C A L 31