LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 28

] BADASS BARTENDING JULIE ROGERS Assistant General Manager, COLTIVARE IT’S A BOLD, NEW WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN. SO MUCH RESPECT IS GIVEN TO CHEFS, SERVERS AND BARTENDERS, AND RIGHTLY SO. THESE ARE THE MEN AND WOMEN CREATING A CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE FOR PATRONS. WE CATCH UP WITH THREE LADIES THRIVING IN THEIR CAREERS AS BADASS BARTENDERS IN SOME OF THE CITY’S HOTTEST SPOTS. 28 L O C A L | august 16 Do you remember the moment when you realized that you could turn this into a career? It was the night that I neglected to study for a very important exam in one of my higher-level Chinese classes, instead reading a book on Belgian beer history. Has anyone ever ordered a real off-the-wall drink? One of my favorite dishes at Coltivare involves mussels in a broth of capers, anchovies, red chili flakes and a fermented fish sauce called garum. One night, we had a guest request a cocktail made from the leftover broth. We threw together a weird Gibson-esque cocktail with some Fino sherry, and although I wouldn’t ever advertise it, I’ve gotta say – it didn’t suck. What’s the largest tip you’ve ever received? A regular once brought me back a bottle of beer from a brewery in Chicago that I had mentioned being a fan of in conversation one day, which was incredibly flattering and special. We have since become beer trade friends. What has this trade taught you that translates into your personal life every day? Honestly, this industry has completely changed the way that I interact with the world. It’s taught me to listen more and shout less, it’s taught me patience, and it’s made me more accepting and open. Seeing all the moving parts of our staff come together to host our nightly dinner party for curious first-timers, comfortable regulars and everything in between is definitely inspiring. Photography by Anthony Rathbun Compiled by Carla Valencia de Martinéz