LOCAL Houston | The City Guide August 2016 - Page 22

CHEF’S SPECIAL GRAHAM LABORDE BERNARDINE’S Favorite late night spot? Tacos and bourbon at Eight Row Flint. Best breakfast? Breakfast tacos from the White Taco Truck behind Canino’s. (Notice a trend already?) What ingredient can you not cook without? High-quality vinegars. The right type and amount of acid will bring balance to any dish. We make compound vinegars at Bernadine’s that really set dishes apart. What is your pet peeve? Incomplete projects. It bugs the heck out of me. What is your comfort food? If boiled crawfish and cold beer count for this Cajun, then that’s what I’m going with! What do you see as the next food trend? It’s already in full swing, but I love all the new gourmet pizza places popping up in the Heights. Cane Rosso and Pi Pizza’s new spot. Exciting! Who are your favorite chef, restaurant and dish? I have nothing but the utmost respect for Danny Trace at Brennan’s. He’s a fantastic ambassador for our city and an amazing chef. My favorite dish and restaurant are the house special cold noodles at Mala Sichuan. I love eating there because it is so different from what I do and so good! It’s always a fantastic experience. Both locations are amazing! What do you keep on hand at home for drop-in guests? PBR and Lone Star. Time to relax on the front porch! What would we be surprised to find in your home refrigerator? It’s basically empty aside from some cold beer and butter. I hate going to the grocery store and I can’t stand it when food spoils, so it’s pretty empty most of the time. What is your go-to ingredient/condiment? I’m sure I’ll ruffle some feathers, but I believe that Tabasco® is the best stuff on earth. If you’ve never been to Avery Island, you should check it out. It’s gorgeous. Do you just make a great meal or do you create a dining experience? Absolutely creating a dining experience. One of the most rewarding things is when a guest notices some small detail that you’ve agonized over. Most of the time as a restaurateur you imagine that nobody will ever notice these details, or care. When they do it is pretty special. What food did you hate as a child? I used to hate olives. I love them now! Favorite sandwich: A good muffaletta or a Reuben. Favorite ice cream: Pistachio. Favorite truck food: Tacos! Favorite picnic spot: The pier at my grandmother’s home. For full interview, visit www.localhoustonmagazine.com. Photography by Kennon Evett 1801 N. Shepherd Dr.. | 713.864.2565 | www.treadsack.com/bernadines 22 L O C A L | august 16