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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE RIDE ALONG CITY CONTROLLER CHRIS BROWN TAKES US FOR A SPIN Photography by Anthony Rathbun As an avid cyclist and life-long Houstonian, Houston City Controller Chris Brown spends a lot of time riding through our town’s green spaces. His favorite riding locations and destinations are: SESQUICENTENNIAL PARK www.buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/sesquicentennial-park Sesquicentennial Park is a great spot for cycling because it offers some of the best views entering Downtown. It has everything you could want in a riding location – the waterway, green space, the hike and bike trails, and it is even a boat-launching location. This location is also one of my favorites because in 2009 my wife Divya and I coordinated a “SleepOut” in the Park. This outdoor “sleep over” was designed to raise awareness and funding for Houston’s homeless. It was a great location to hold this event and has now become a must on my route! SABINE STREET PROMENADE www.buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/sabine-promenade The Sabine Street Promenade is also one of my favorite cycling spots in Houston. The more than two miles of hike and bike trails help connect the Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive bayou trails – some of the best urban green space that the city has to offer! ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK TRAIL www.buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/buffalo-bayou-park/ #eleanor-tinsley-park The trail along Eleanor Tinsley Park provides that iconic view of the downtown skyline from the Montrose Bridge that we all know and love. This is one of the most popular green spaces in the city – and for good reason! Eleanor Tinsley Park is always buzzing with the activity of an event or just people out enjoying their city. 3.8.2017 4:14pm This trail reminds me how lucky we are to call Houston home and how big of an impact a centralized public green space can have on the overall livability of the city. ALLEN PARKWAY – HOUSTON POLICE OFFICER MEMORIAL www.buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/buffalo-bayou-park The hike and bike trails along Allen Parkway are great because they serve as main arteries into and out of the city center. This helps people more easily navigate their city and enjoy Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Park at the same time! This route is special because you can stop at the Houston Police Officer Memorial. This monument to the selflessness and sacri- fices made by the men and women of our police force is one of Houston’s best. I encourage every Houstonian to visit this important memorial at least once! BRAYS BAYOU www.hcp1.net/Trails/Brays-Bayou While I work downtown in City Hall, my wife Divya, daughter Milana and I currently live in Southwest Houston, giving us easy access to the Brays Bayou Greenway. My favorite route along Brays Bayou is to go down to the University of Houston and back – it’s a bit lengthy but makes for a great workout! When you ride along the Brays Bayou trail you can also see the notable improvements being made to the bayou system in response to the recent flooding in the area. Increasing the capability of this vital infrastructure is critical to the future of Houston, and it is truly amazing to see the progress being made in real time! april 17 | L O C A L 55