LOCAL Houston | The City Guide April 2017 - Page 51

FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE MINDFUL MATTERS LIFESTYLE TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS By Beth Levine | Photography by Joseph West Life moves fast – especially in Houston, it seems. So fast sometimes you need to force yourself to stop, look around and remember to breathe. Given today’s fast-paced world and technological advances, is it any wonder that today’s youth can get lost amidst a flurry of mental and physical distractions? Enter DENISE HORVILLEUR and her husband, YOUXIA KAI. Bonding over a shared desire for more mindful practices in their life, Denise, an HISD teacher, and Kai, who taught Tai Chi, reconnected (yes, they went to high school and college together) a few years ago. Combining their shared focus on wellness with Denise’s background in education, they embarked on a career path to introduce mindfulness practices as lifestyle tools for today’s kids, equipping them for navigating their increasingly fast-paced futures. We sat down with them to learn about the work they are doing here in Houston along with Denise’s work for the Breathe, Move, Rest (BMR) Program out of New York. Can you share your insights on mindfulness, wellness and education? Kai/Denise: We feel that wellness and education are not limited to the class- room. We both have experience teaching mindful breathing, movement and rest at MD Anderson Cancer Center as part of the Integrative Medicine Center to cancer patients and their caretakers and have also taught Tai Chi and mind- fulness classess to kids at the Health Museum during this past Spring Break. Denise, you are very active in the Breathe, Move, Rest program. Tell us about the program, what attracted you to it and your involvement. Denise: fWrV'2vVFFR7FW&FWfVVB7W'&7VVf"&w&ЦrF'&r֖FgVW72FV&Ɩ2662FWvW&RFW&W7FVB'&vrF2FW7F4BB6F7FVB&6V7G&F&V7'VBw&WbVFBvVW72FV6W'26v&&W'B&W7FvrF@BWW&V6Rv&rV&Ɩ26627VvvW7FVBFBFW'fWrvF&6VfvVB'FW"FW'fWrVFrFR&Vrf'GVFRF&P&VB'7FWfV2VVVF'6V6B֖FgVW727W'&7VVv2FWfVVBf7W6VBG&rFV6W'0rFVVB֖FgVW72&7F6W2GW&rFR66FFRG&p6W'fW2FV6W'2B6&VVfBGVBv&rV&Ɩ266ðG&rFV6W'2rFffW"FR7G&W76rWW&66W2F7GVFVG2G&VW0&RFVvBrFFBFW6R&7F6W2f"FV6VfW2VFFR7VvvW7FVBF@v&vF2VF"f"F2WrFVb'&vr֖FgVW72F662vF2V'2bFV6rWW&V6Rv2vVv&RbFPƖ֗FF2bFRFBFV6W'2V6VFW"F&VvWBFV"v&F@W7V6ǒ&V6FVBrF2G&rFG&W76VBFB77VRFR&w&ЦBǒf7W6W2&7F6W2FV6G&VvR7G&W72'WB6ffW'0FV6W'2B667FfbV7BvV&RFR7G&W76rWW&66W22vVWW&66W2FB6&RFRF&VvWBFRFvFWBFrFRvg&Ц7G'V7FgFW"v&rvFfW"S6624BvB2FRfVVF&6&VVƖSBvBFW2FRgWGW&RBf"$"W&RW7FFV6SvrvV4B2&VV&WGG7&VF&RFv&vF7@7GVFVG2&7F6RFV"6W2vFWBG2BvFw&VBGFGVFW2fP6VFW72FW2b7GVFVG2F涖rFV"FV6W'2FR֖FgVW72&7F6P2FRBFRVBbWfW'VFBvVW72W767GVFVG2&RF&V7FV@F'&rFV"v&VW72FV6'BbFR&G7F'FrvFFRfVWBVw22G2&26VFW'2&Vǒ6W7B7RVBBf6RFW&PV6W&vVBFfVVV6&G'B&W7Fr2FWF&V7BFV"GFVFFF@6RF26FR&WB2֖WFW2גFǒf6G2F4B662vB7FBWBFR7Bv2r7GVFVG26VFrF6RvFf'p66BVF6&ƗFW26VB'F6FRFRWW&66W2fRgVBv&VFBf7W27GVFVG2vVV6'2VvƗ67Vp&r2S