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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE NOT FANCY; JUST FITNESS A 30-MINUTE WORKOUT ROUTINE THAT LASTS 9 ROUNDS By Jayme Lamm | Photography courtesy of 9Round Fitness If you’re on the hunt for something opposite of those big box gyms with incredibly hard-to-break contracts, we’ve got one you need to check out. If big-time results rank above a trendy juice bar to gossip post-class, check out the aptly named 9ROUND FITNESS . 9Round Fitness is the unique gym-model taking Houston (and the rest of the country) by storm – a 30-minute workout rou- tine that lasts 9 rounds, 3 minutes each. The rounds start with a warm-up and include an active cool down, and are created so there isn’t much rest (if any) during the half-hour session. Each station has a set of lights and a buzzer to let you know when it’s time to move to the next round. This kickboxing-themed fitness program offers a little bit of everything, for everyone. And they have created an environ- ment to help throw all those excuses out the window. Short on time? No problem – your full workout is done in 30 minutes. Can’t make the class schedule? Even better – there are no class times, so you’re always on time. Members can drop by every 3 minutes – see, no class sched- ule. If it happens to be incredibly packed, you may end up waiting for 6 minutes, max. You work at your own pace, one person at a station at any time. 9.18.2015 1:21pm It’s for busy people on the go. No personal training, no group classes. You can come in as fancy as you’d like, rocking $200 lululemon outfits if you dare, but you’ll be the only fancy thing in there. It’s a barebones, dimly lit room, broken down into open stations, each denoting one of the nine rounds. The rounds change daily – as instructed from corporate – but the local trainers and staff get creative with the workouts. HERE’S A SAMPLE ROUND (each exercise/round for 3 minutes): 1. Jump Rope 2. Squat and Toss 3. 20 punches 1 BP 4. Russian Twist Punch 5. 10 Upper Cuts 10 Knees 6. High Knee Punches 7. Donkey Kicks 8. Speed Bag 10hits/arm 9. Plank for 3 minutes After station nine, your 30-minute full-body workout is over. Workouts change daily so members don’t have to worry about hitting a plateau or getting bored with the workouts. Stations 1–2 are strength, 3–8 are kickboxing fitness and station 9 is abs and core. Another unique bonus? Membership is unlimited so if you still have some energy and breath left in you after your 30 minutes are up, jump back in at round 1 and stay for another 30. Learn more at www.9round.com. april 17 | L O C A L 49