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FOOD | ARTS | COMMUNITY | STYLE+LEISURE BREAK FREE HOUSTON EMBRACING HOUSTON’S CREATIVES IN A WHOLE NEW WAY By Jayme Lamm | Photography by Misun Photography Hip-hop has a way of reaching one’s soul. Truth be told, it has a way of doing so much more, and that’s why BREAK FREE HOUSTON was created more than six years ago (2011). They’re a hip-hop school, the world’s first, right here in Houston. They teach every element of hip-hop, like breaking (known to most as breakdancing), graffiti art, poetry, DJ’ing and emceeing, and their team of illustrious instructors has been successful in creating and maintaining a community of hip-hop lovers. The classes teach confidence and everyday life skills that go far beyond the dance floor or microphone. Founder and Houston native MOY RIVAS, who has 20+ years of experience as a professional dancer, truly believes hip-hop is the most powerful culture of influence on youth worldwide, but believes it is misrepresented on an unprecedented level. Prior to opening the studio/school, a place that embraced the dance and hip-hop scene – not to mention the ability to make a living doing it – was pretty much nonexistent in Houston. The city already had a natural passion and community for dancing – particularly in true hip-hop – and Houston was the perfect place to create the school, embrace the culture and build on it. You don’t have to be a professional dancer or even have a desire to be so to spend some time here. One of the greatest things about the city of Houston is embracing creativity, and this is just a beautiful (and fun!) extension of that. Creative expression is a big part of Houston’s landscape; dance and DJ’ing are certainly no exception. While the school mainly caters to ages 3–12 (yes, they have a toddler class!), they serve all levels (beginners and advanced) and any age group. Houston has a huge breaking scene, and it’s getting bigger – thanks in part to becoming a new sport in the 2018 Youth Olympics. If you’re serious about learning the culture of hip-hop, you have various options such as taking a semester (a five-month program, where payment plans are offered) or they also have weekly fitness classes for all levels and ages. They also offer private lessons and are amenable to new groups if there’s an interest – all you have to do is ask! If you’re looking to get started yourself, good news: Everyone’s first class is free! You’ve got nothing to lose – step up and make it happen. They promise to make it fun and embrace the culture. Help the city of Houston to continue to foster cre- ativity in every form imaginable, even if you have no experience in breaking or hip-hop. It’s definitely a no judgment zone. 9.14.2016 5:48p m For more info and to check out the class schedules, visit www.breakfreehouston.com. april 17 | L O C A L 41