LOCAL Houston | The City Guide April 2017 - Page 33

Well...now we’ve seen it all. For 10 years, we worked across the street from a shack we never thought would become a bar. Yeah, it’s kinda close to Saint Arnold. Yeah, kinda close to Moontower Inn. Mostly the shack was just close to a lot of old industrial relics (one which is now the ‘HTX’ lighted building). But here we are, having a great time at a bar, chatting it up with some locals in what once was an old rundown taco shack, and then a rundown shack of nothing. Now, there’s a new potato in town, folks. Clinton Drive on the industrial northeast side of Downtown is slowly gaining residential traction. Townhouse developments dot the area, along with a slate of mixed-use warehouses and cleared vacant lots just ripe with potential. While the development pace is on the slow side, the need for a bar around here didn’t go unnoticed. And THE NEW POTATO (TNP) is the result of one man’s vision and hard work. Paul, whom we hope to someday meet, saw the shack, picked it up and worked on it for about a year, including all the reclaimed woodwork on the bars and ceilings, the benches and tables and probably a lot more things we aren’t listing. And the man did well. It’s a nice-looking bar. TNP delivers the drinks from an indoor and an outdoor bar, both of which are on the small side, but there are good-sized patios out front and in back and a huge backyard for people, dogs and games. The grounds are unique. And the people, from the service to the patrons, were also unique. And quite social. A nice change, if we do say so ourselves. Anyway, overall we were honestly impressed; it’s a nice place to have a drink. And a good drink at that. 29 draft beers pour Miller Lite to locally brewed favorites and top national craft beers; there’s something for everyone. If you don’t see one you like at the inside bar, be sure to check the outside; each one has its own set of taps. TNP also offers you plenty of nice spirits, a menu of “classic cocktails,” some wine and boozy coffee. Really though, TNP seems intent to serve you what you want, even going as far as to promise to make any drink you fancy (as long as they have the ingredients). TNP is clearly a neighborhood bar. It’s also THE neighborhood bar. And it’s a neighborhood bar we would travel for. We also hope it’s a neighborhood bar that negotiated a killer leasing agreement, because the rent’s only going to continue to rise around here. East of Downtown is growing – TNP will be right there along for the ride. 3.7.2017 6:37pm april 17 | L O C A L 33