Lloyd Group Mini Winter Brochure - Page 6

TRAVEL & COMFORT ACCESSORIES. The MINI Travel & Comfort System means no more fishing around on the floor for your things after they’ve slid off the back seat during the journey. COMPONENTS. BASE CARRIER (not pictured) – The base carrier fits easily between the two headrest spars, locking in place automatically. Then just slot in the attachment you need for the road ahead. Price £18 #1 COAT HANGER #1 Arrive unruffled as you make sure your jacket does the same. Price from £76.50 #2 UNIVERSAL HOOK The perfect place to hang lightweight bags, clothes or your Friday evening takeaway. Price from £42.80 #2 #3 APPLE IPAD® HOL DER With 360º screen rotation, simply clip in your iPad, keeping your passengers occupied for the journey. Price £102 #3 06