Living Well With COPD - Page 8

LIVING WELL WITH COPD Minimize Your Exposure to Other Irritants Irritants can also impact your lungs, such as: • • • Air pollution • Avoid fumes, smoke, and strong odors. • Minimize your exposure to paints, sprays, cleaning fluids, garden chemicals, scented candles, air fresheners, perfumes, lotions, and hair sprays. • Stay inside and decrease strenuous activity when air pollution and ozone levels are high. Strong odors Secondhand smoke Different people react to different substances. It’s important to identify and avoid irritants to which you are sensitive. 6 Here are some steps you can take: If you have allergies in addition to COPD, try to stay away from pollen or other things that you are allergic to. Ask your health-care provider about how airborne allergens may affect your COPD.