Living Well With COPD - Page 6

LIVING WELL WITH COPD Taking Control of Your COPD Controlling your COPD is entirely up to you. By taking the right actions, you can minimize symptoms and continue to lead a productive life. First, you need to work with your health-care provider. You can stay healthy longer by talking openly with your health-care provider about: • • • • Any new symptoms Changes in symptoms Health concerns Medication and treatment options, and their side effects It also means: • • Creating a treatment plan with your health-care provider Committing to regular checkups A healthier lifestyle and one that allows for limitations from COPD include: • • • • • • Taking your medications as prescribed every day Getting exercise Eating well Reducing stress Conserving your energy Controlling your breathing It also means getting support from family, friends, and others dealing with COPD. Support from people you know and care for, and professional support, will help you continue to achieve your goals and find joy in life. Continue reading for constructive ways to take control of your COPD. 4