Living Well With COPD - Page 34

LIVING WELL WITH COPD Advanced Treatment Options COPD is usually a progressive condition. Over the long-term you may need to evaluate more advanced treatment options. Lung transplantation surgery involves replacing one, or sometimes both, of your diseased lungs with a donor lung. To be considered, a candidate generally must: • • • Have emphysema • • Be physically able to undergo surgery and treatment that follows Be oxygen-dependent Have severe COPD that no longer responds to medical treatment and may be fatal in 2 years Usually be between the ages 65 and 75 Lung transplantation has many risks. Donor lungs are not easily available. Waiting for a donor lung can sometimes take 2 or more years. Also, after surgery, you will need to take many different medications for the rest of your life. This is necessary to prevent: • • Rejection of the transplanted lung(s) Infection Undergoing either of these procedures is a big decision. It may not be the right course for everyone with COPD. Discuss these options thoroughly with your regular doctor and expert clinicians. 32