Living Well With COPD - Page 29

Conserving Energy To live well with COPD, you must pace yourself to avoid getting worn out. To conserve energy and do more without getting short of breath: Managing Stress Stress is a normal part of life. It can happen when things are going well. It can happen when things are going poorly. Stress and anxiety can make breathlessness worse. It’s vital for people with COPD to: • Focus on lowering stress and anxiety • Learn to relax How does stress impact COPD? • • Move slowly • Sit to dress, undress, shave, put on makeup, and cook • Put the things you use regularly at waist level or within easy reach • Rest after meals when your body is working hard to digest food • Use a shower stool and hose sprayer for bathing • Use helping devices, such as long- handled grabbers for putting on socks and shoes, and for reaching high places • Slowly tense and relax each part of your body • Use a cart with wheels to complete daily tasks - - - - Start with your toes - - - - Breathe in as you tighten Work all the way up to your scalp Breathe out as you relax Concentrate on things that make you smile, in a comfortable place and position To reduce the impact of stress and anxiety, find the best coping strategies for you. Some examples: • • • • Yoga Meditation, mindfulness Prayer Listen to relaxing music 27