Living Well With COPD - Page 23

F7 E7 F4 F8 F8 F4 Steps to clean the Handset F8 F1 F9 F5 F9 F5 STEP 1: Take Connection Cord out of the Handset. F9 F6 F2 STEP 5: To loosen the blue valve on the Mouthpiece, move it gently from the slot. Make sure it is still attached on one side. 10ABC STEP 9: Rinse each handset part again under warm running water for 10 seconds. 10ABC F6 F2 10ABC F12 F2 F3 STEP 2: To remove the Medication Cap from the Handset Body, turn it counter- clockwise. STEP 6: Remove the Aerosol Head by lifting the handle. Set it aside to clean separately. F3 F7 F12 STEP 10: Now clean the Aerosol Head the same way as in Steps 7, 8, and 9 above. STEP 11: Make sure everything is clean. F12 F7 F3 F4 F4 STEP 3: To remove vial, put the Medication Cap into the palm of your hand and push up. Throw the vial away. F8 STEP 7: Rinse each handset part with warm running water for 10 seconds. F8 F4 STEP 12: Shake each handset part and Aerosol Head to remove excess water and air dry on a lint-free towel. F5 STEP 13: After the parts are dry, place them in the carrying bag or on a dry, dust-free area for storage. F5 STEP 14: Do not put the pieces back together again until it’s time for your next treatment. F5 F6 F6 F9 STEP 4: To remove the Mouthpiece from the Handset Body, gently pull and twist. F9 STEP 8: Wash all handset parts in warm soapy water for 10 seconds. 10ABC 10ABC F6 21