Living Well With COPD - Page 22

E1 E2 LIVING WELL WITH COPD E5 E5 E2 E2 Steps to attach the Medication Cap to the Handset Body Steps to use the Mouthpiece STEP 2: Hold the Handset Body with one hand and put the Mouthpiece into your mouth and press your lips around it. E3A E6 E6 STEP 3: Do not tilt the handset. E3A E3B STEP 8: You will hear one beep. This means the machine is working. STEP 1: To make inhaling easier, sit up straight and relax. E3A STEP 4: Do not cover the blue valve with your lips. STEP 1: Do not touch the part of the Handset Body that will poke a hole in the vial. STEP 5: Do not loosen or remove the Medication Cap until your treatment is done. E3B E4 E3B E4 E7 E7 E3C E3C STEP 2: Put the Medication Cap with vial on top of the Handset Body. E3C F1 F1 E5 STEP 6: Press the On/Off button on the Controller to start your treatment. E5 E6 STEP 3: Turn the Medication Cap clockwise until you hear it “click.” E6 E7 E7 F1 F1 20 STEP 7: A green light beside the On/Off button will light up. STEP 9: Breathe in and out normally through the Mouthpiece until the Controller beeps and turns off (2-3 minutes). If you do not clean your Handset parts after every use, your treatment time might take more than 3 minutes.