Living Well With COPD - Page 20

LIVING WELL WITH COPD C4-5 C3 Steps to put in the Batteries in the Controller C1 C1 Steps to use the AC adapter in the Controller Steps to put together the Handset Body. STEP 1: Put MAGNAIR on a flat surface and plug the round end of AC adapter into the hole on the side of MAGNAIR. STEP 1: If this is a new Handset Body, wash your hands. D2 C4-5 C1 C2 STEP 1: To open the battery door, put your thumb on the black tab and push hard. STEP 2: Open the top of the Handset Body. C2 D2 C2 STEP 2: Plug the AC adapter into the wall. It’s okay if there are batteries in the Magnair, the AC adapter won’t charge or hurt them. D3 C3 C3 STEP 2: Put 4 AA batteries in the opening. Match the battery + sign with the + sign in the opening and the battery – sign with the – sign. D3 D4 C3 STEP 3: Place the Aerosol Head into the Handset Body. DO NOT touch the center of the Aerosol head. STEP 4: When you put the Aerosol Head in, make sure the small tab on the side lines up with the matching notch in the Handset. If inserted incorrectly, the inhalation solution will leak. C4-5 C4-5 D4 D5 C4-5 D2 D2 STEP 3: Close the battery door until you hear it “click”. NOTE: If you only use batteries, they will last about 2 weeks. Make sure you have extra batteries handy. If you are not going to use the nebulizer for more than 30 days, take out the batteries. D5 D6A D2 D6A D6B 18 STEP 5: Close the Handset Body. You may hear a click.