Living Well With COPD - Page 14

LIVING WELL WITH COPD Instructions for Using an MDI With a Holding Chamber and Mask If you have difficulty using the MDI, your doctor may prescribe a holding chamber with a mouthpiece or a mask. It includes a tube that attaches to your MDI. This may help you more easily use the MDI. Before using your MDI with a holding chamber: • Read the specific instructions that came with it. • Follow the priming directions carefully. • Follow the cleaning directions carefully. • Wash the holding chamber or spacer according to the instructions. 1 5 SHAKE WELL STEP 1: Take the cap off your MDI. Check for and remove any dust, lint, or other objects. Shake the MDI well, if patient instructions specify. 2 ATTACH MASK BREATH IN AND OUT STEP 5: Breathe in and out normally for six breaths, to inhale the full dose of medicine. The chamber’s one-way valve will prevent breath from going back into the chamber. Monitor the user’s breathing by watching the valve open and close. Do not remove the mask until the sixth breath is completed. 6 STEP 2: Attach the mask to the holding chamber, if it’s not a single unit. Insert the MDI into the chamber. REMOVE MASK STEP 6: Remove the mask from the user’s face. 3 POSITION MASK STEP 3: Sit up straight, or stand. Place the mask over the patient’s nose and mouth. The mask should fit firmly enough so none of the medicine can escape. 4 PRESS DOWN STEP 4: Press down on the MDI to put one dose of medicine in the chamber. 7 WAIT 1 MINUTE, SHAKE STEP 7: If the patient needs to take another puff of medicine, wait 1 minute. After 1 minute, shake the MDI again if patient instructions specify. Repeat steps 3 through 6. 8 RINSE IF CORTICOSTEROID STEP 8: Remove the MDI from the chamber. Recap both devices. If the medicine is a corticosteroid, user’s should rinse their mouth with water after the last puff of medicine. Spit the water out – DO NOT SWALLOW IT. 12