Living Well Guide Dementia - Page 4

in this guide We have covered a number of topics in this guide that include: • Information about Dementia and living well • How you can support your own wellbeing As a Dementia Friendly Community, we are committed to ensuring people with dementia feel understood, valued and are able to contribute to their community. When people living with Dementia were surveyed by the Alzheimer’s Society, sadly only 47% of respondents said they felt part of their community. When asked what they have had to stop they said: • Remain Independent in your home • Information and Support for Carers • Planning for the Future – Legal and Financial Matters We hope that you will find this guide informative and helpful. With our best wishes to all, only 47% of survey respondents feel a part of their community when asked what they have had to stop doing, people said: 28% 22% 16% getting out of the house exercise transport 23% 9% shopping have had to give up everything This is why we launched the South Ribble Dementia Charter on 21st May 2018, Dementia Action week. Anna-Marie Knipe Chair South Ribble Dementia Action Alliance We want to encourage businesses, community groups, service and public sector organisations to become part of the Charter Community, so that we can ensure South Ribble’s town centres and places where people go are Dementia Friendly and supportive.