Living Well Guide Dementia - Page 21

Are You Prepared for a Power Cut? priority-services-register You can register for the Priority Services Register' if you are over 60 or you have a chronic illness, poor mobility or mental healthcare needs. Registered customers are categorised as low, medium or high. High is generally where there is a medical dependency. 700,000 customers in the North West are now on the register. Those on the register are informed of • any planned work in advance. • In the case of an unexpected power cut they will make contact (by phone, text, email) and offer support, the welfare team will keep in contact throughout. • Depending on the length of the loss of supply, they can provide support such as food vans, support units, baby bottle warmers, generators and hotel accommodation if necessary The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service work hard to prevent people having fires and in the event that one does occur, they instruct people on how to survive a fire with the vital use of a smoke detector to give early warning and pre-planning an escape route. Working smoke alarms are very important. Test them weekly. • Plan an escape route • If there is smoke on your exit route, get down low and crawl out • Get Out, Stay Out and Call 999 If you would like any further information on how you can access a free Home Fire Safety Check please ring 0800 169 1125 or visit safety