Living Well Guide Dementia - Page 11

case study • dementia community links Brian has recently been diagnosed with dementia and lives in a one bedroom flat, although spends all of his day with his friend Jane. Both had got out of the routine of going to social activities though they do use the local buses and frequently go into town. Brian and Jane visited Charnley Fold to attend one of the Post Diagnostic evening “drop in” and found the evening most useful. Since Brian has been diagnosed with dementia they were unsure what help/services were available. During the clinic they engaged with Dementia Community Links. A referral was made and a visit arranged to find out what they would like to do. They were introduced to the Charnley Fold walking group, which they both enjoyed and proved to be very beneficial. They also tried a local lunch group, although did not find it suitable at present, though they said they may consider in the future. Brian was quite keen to attend a social group. A coffee morning was sourced at the Fleece Inn as well as the Pig and Whistle lunch group, which they both agreed to go to. They also looked at using the bus from these venues to go to Southport or Lytham St Anne’s once the weather gets warmer.