Living Magazine Winter 2014 International - Page 3

24 8 In this issue 18 features 8 ACTIVE LIFESTYLE AND INJURY PREVENTION Injury Prevention Tips for the Physically Active 10 KITCHEN & BATHROOM ROUTINEs DIY Ideas and Tips for Using dōTERRA in Your Kitchen and Bathroom Routines departments 4 Ask Dr. Hill 5 Essential Oil Spotlight: Cedarwood 6 S  lim & Sassy—Inspirational Story from Kimberly Cluff, the Most Recent Contest Winner Ōbject search See if You Can Spot the Hidden Items on this Page 22 STAY ON TARGET for THE NEW YEAR A Guide to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals 23 TIPS for BAKING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Learn How You Can Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Favorite Baked Goods 26 DISTILLING ESSENTIAL OILS: A WORK OF ART AND SCIENCE Discover the Delicate Process of Essential Oil Distillation dōterra Product guide, see pages 30–39 A  quick shopping reference for all products Essential Science: Women's Hormonal Health: Finding the Balance 14 Make Over My Purse 16 dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation: Find Out About Our Upcoming Service Trips 18 Essential Oil Spotlight: Juniper Berry 20 Nutrition Corner: Maintaining Healthy Nutrition During Winter Months 24 Essential Recipes: Healthy Recipes Perfect for the Winter Season 28 Guy’s and Girl's Guide to a Successful Valentine’s Day 29 Idea Notebook: User-Submitted Handy Tips and Tricks You will Love 30 19 12 dōTERRA Product Guide: Quick Shopping Reference for All Products / 3