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Melissa Melissa officinalis Aromatic Description: Citrus, herbaceous Distillation Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Leaf, top One of the rarest essential oils, Melissa has a wide variety of uses and health benefits. With a bottle of Melissa, you can reap major benefits for your mind, body, mood, and more. A popular oil at bedtime, Melissa can help promote a relaxing, restful environment, especially when diffused. Melissa is also known for its positive effect on mood, as it can be used to promote relaxation, calm feelings of tension or nervousness, and support emotional well-being. The internal benefits of Melissa oil are vast and varied, including benefits for the cells, liver, digestive system, immune system, and beyond.* With this sweet, refreshing essential oil on hand, you will have the power to change the way you go to sleep, handle your mood, care for your body, relax at the end of the day, and more. Essential Oil Spotlight How to use: Aromatically S Diffuse Melissa at night to promote a peaceful environment that will encourage a restful night of sleep. S To calm feelings of tension and promote emotional well-being, place a drop of Melissa in the palm, cup the hands over the nose, and inhale deeply. S Promote feelings of confidence and positive emotional health by diffusing Melissa in yor bedroom, living room, bathroom, or kitchen. Topically S After a long day, help dissolve feelings of stress by rubbing Melissa on the forehead, shoulders, or chest. S Rejuvenate and keep skin clear by adding a few drops of Melissa to your daily moisturizer. S Add Melissa to a spray bottle with water and spritz over the face to promote clean-looking skin and to refresh the mind. Take care to cover eyes and other sensitive areas. Internally S To support a healthy immune system and alleviate stomach discomfort, place one to two drops of Melissa in a Veggie Capsule and swallow.* S Place one to two drops under the tongue or on the roof of the mouth and swallow to support healthy cellular, liver, immune, and digestive function.* Fun Facts: Diffuser Blend: SS Melissa SS Lavender S Basil • The name Melissa is Greek for “honey bee.” The Melissa officinalis plant, sometimes referred to as lemon balm, was nicknamed Melissa because of its sweet, refreshing fragrance, which is known to attract bees. • Melissa has been used to help add flavor to things like ice cream, tea, and even some fish dishes. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. / 5