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quick shopping reference for all products U.S. RETAIL PRICING SKIN CARE HD CLEAR® TOPICAL BLEND HD CLEAR® FACIAL LOTION­  Used as a spot treatment or an over-all application, HD Clear Topical Blend promotes a clean and healthy complexion with essential oils renowned for their skin-benefiting properties. • Features a unique blend of black cumin seed oil as well as CPTG® essential oils of Ho Wood, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Litsea • Promotes clear-looking skin by targeting the site of blemishes 49400001 10mL roll on $28.00 retail $21.00 wholesale 21 PV HD CLEAR® KIT This kit contains HD Clear Foaming Face Wash, Topical Blend, and Facial Lotion for a beautifully balanced complexion. 42700001 SAVE $40.00 RETAIL $61.33 retail $46.00 wholesale 40 PV VERÁGE® SKIN CARE   COLLECTION SAVE $74.00 RETAIL $112.66 retail $84.50 wholesale 70 PV VERÁGE® TONER  Veráge Toner combines CPTG essential oils with nourishing plant extracts to create a tightened, toned appearance of skin—anytime, anywhere. This hydrating toner fortifies and refreshes the skin while invigorating the senses for an energizing boost and a glowing complexion. • CPTG essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Cypress, and Coriander tone and balance skin • Easy mist application 37390001 50mL/1.7 fl oz $29.33 retail $22.00 wholesale 49410001 50mL/1.7 fl oz $45.33 retail $34.00 wholesale 34 PV HD CLEAR® FOAMING FACE WASH  Discover the perfect solution for problem skin of all ages with the dōTERRA® HD Clear Foaming Face Wash. • Designed to thoroughly cleanse without stripping away natural moisture • Contains CPTG essential oils and plant extracts that will leave your skin extra clean and soft 49420001 50mL/1.7 fl oz $29.33 retail $22.00 wholesale 22 PV VERÁGE® CLEANSER  A collection that brings together Veráge Cleanser, Toner, Immortelle Hydrating Serum, and Moisturizer for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. 42690001 Enjoy a beautiful, smooth complexion with HD Clear Facial Lotion. This lotion contains natural emollients to promote healthy levels of moisture in the skin for a balanced complexion as well as CPTG essential oils combined with botanical extracts known to assist in achieving blemish-free skin. • Features a unique blend of black cumin seed oil as well as CPTG essential oils of Ho Wood, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Eucalyptus, Geranium, and Litsea • Natural ingredients help target blemishes for clear and clean skin 22 PV Smooth skin begins with Veráge Cleanser. This natural gel cleanser purifies skin for a fresh, youthful-looking complexion. • Infused with CPTG essential oils of Wild Orange, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), and Basil to gently cleanse and lift away impurities • Invigorates and cleanses skin while natural emollients nourish and hydrate 37380001 60mL / 2 fl oz $33.33 retail $25.00 wholesale 25 PV VERÁGE® IMMORTELLE  HYDRATING SERUM Experience the age-defying effects of Veráge Immortelle Hydrating Serum. This powerful formula combines CPTG essential oils with plant extracts for smoother, more youthful-looking skin. • Utilizes the CPTG essential oils found in the popular Immortelle blend for radiant skin 37400001 15mL/.5 fl oz $86.66 retail $65.00 wholesale 65 PV VERÁGE® MOISTURIZER  REVEAL FACIAL SYSTEM Reveal Facial System is a two-step process that will give your face a spa-like treatment, bringing the glow of your skin’s radiance and beauty to the surface. • Features dōTERRA citrus essential oils of Lime and Wild Orange to purify the skin • Bamboo silk beads and botanical enzymes exfoliate dead skin cells for a fresh face • Protein-building peptides support healthy and youthful-looking skin 37340001 2 tubes—1.7 oz each $80.00 retail $60.00 wholesale * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Veráge Moisturizer combines CPTG essential oils with plant extracts for natural hydration and skin nourishment. This light, non-greasy moisturizer absorbs quickly but hydrates deeply, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, even complexion. • Formulated with CPTG essential oils of Juniper Berry, Jasmine, Sea Buckthorn Berry, and Geranium—all known to revitalize the skin 37410001 30mL/ 1 fl oz $37.33 retail $28.00 wholesale 28 PV 60 PV / 43