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The Process What makes ATHT so amazing is its simplicity. One to three drops of your favorite essential oil, five to ten minutes, and five simple movements are all that you need to provide that human connection and real measurable benefits. Furthermore, unlike the full AromaTouch Technique ® , ATHT is highly customizable and can be catered to address the unique needs of any individual. Whether the recipient needs to be calmed, grounded, or uplifted, the application method remains the same; just use your dōTERRA Oil Chemistry Wheel to determine which essential oil to use. Don’t leave home without your favorite oils because no setting or situation is too big (or too small) for ATHT. The Service The ATHT trial represents a novel area of research not just for dōTERRA, but also for the scientific community. It also provides outreach opportunities in the global dōTERRA community. In 2018, dōTERRA conducted 36 ATHT care events in the community surrounding their global headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Most of these events involved dōTERRA employees visiting senior care centers and introducing them to the wellness promoting benefits of essential oils and the ATHT. With scientific validation of ATHT in hand, dōTERRA has plans to increase the number of community events in 2019. The Study Having already proven the effectiveness of the full AromaTouch Technique in an earlier pilot trial, dōTERRA scientists recruited 36 participants to investigate the benefits of ATHT and two of their most popular oils: Copaiba and Deep Blue ® Soothing Blend. 2 After a physician evaluated them and they completed baseline measurements, the participants were separated into control and treatment groups. All participants received ATHT from trained practitioners twice a day for five consecutive days for a total of 10 times. A combination of dōTERRA Deep Blue blend and Copaiba was applied to the hands of the treatment group, while the control group received the same ATHT protocol with Fractionated Coconut Oil instead. Measures were taken to control for the variances in aroma and color of the oil applied to the separate groups. After completion of the trial period, all participants were reassessed with the same questionnaire and functional tests that were utilized to gather the baseline data. As reported in a recent publication of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, the treatment group exhibited clinically significant improvements on both the self-reported questionnaire and the objective functional tests. The results provided robust evidence of the efficacy of Copaiba and Deep Blue ® Soothing Blend, contributed a framework for future clinical trials, and showed that a caring hand and some essential oils are often all that is needed to brighten someone’s day. Find Trainings Near You While there are over 2000 official AromaTouch Technique trainings worldwide each year, if an event hasn’t been scheduled in your area, don’t despair. You don’t have to be a certified trainer to share the power of CPTG ® essential oils and human touch with those around you. Visit to locate a trainer near you, or simply watch the ATHT instructional videos on aromatouch. com, grab your favorite oil and a friend, and apply the love one hand at a time. References 1. Bahr T, Rodriguez D, and Allred K. Immediate and lasting effects of the dōTERRA AromaTouch Technique ® , a topical essential oil application procedure, on autonomic function and salivary biomarkers: A pilot trial. Journal of Integrative Medicine & Therapy. 2018;5(1):7. 2. Bahr T, et al. Effects of a massage-like essential oil application procedure using Copaiba and Deep Blue oils in individuals with hand arthritis. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. 2018;33:170-176. / 25