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Breathe in Spring How to defend yourself against seasonal threats During the cold, dreary days of winter, we hold onto the hope that a warm, bright spring is waiting for us on the other side. We are always happy when the world starts to thaw and we begin to see green again, but spring often brings with it a few challenges. For one thing, warmer weather means that we’ll begin to see some of the pesky insects that we didn’t miss during the cold winter months. Not to mention when all of the plants start to bud and bloom, our bodies might experience discomfort as we spend more time outside. Instead of letting the threats of spring keep you inside, try using essential oils to protect your body from seasonal threats, and fully enjoy the spring you’ve been waiting for all winter. Breathe Deeply One of the best parts of spring is walking out the door on a nice spring day and taking a deep breath of refreshing air. However, certain elements of spring can make it difficult to enjoy feelings of clear airways, and taking that deep breath of spring air isn’t always as pleasant as it should be. To maintain feelings of easy breathing in the springtime, try using do-TERRA Breathe ® Respiratory Blend. With a few drops of do-TERRA Breathe on the chest, feet, or palms, you can breathe in the cool, refreshing aromas of essential oils like Eucalyptus, Peppermint, or Tea Tree (Melaleuca), as the oil works to minimize seasonal threats. Don’t forget to try the do-TERRA Breathe ® Vapor Stick for those days when you want the invigorating vapor of do-TERRA Breathe to keep you company during your outdoor adventures. ‘Tis the Season With the weather and seasons changing, your body is bound to experience some discomfort. Whether you want to protect your body from seasonal or environmental elements, or you feel like you could benefit 16 / SPRING 2019 LIVING MAGAZINE from cleansing the body’s systems, spring is a good time to give TriEase ® Softgels a try.* These softgels contain a seasonal blend designed to promote clear breathing and overall respiratory health.* If you plan to welcome the arrival of spring by revisiting your favorite bike trails, spending time with your kids in the park, or getting back to your garden, you’ll want the help of TriEase Softgels on your side. Bug Off Did you know that certain essential oils can be used to naturally repel insects? Using essential oils with natural repelling properties can help provide outdoor protection for those times when you are worried about environmental annoyances. Not only can everyone in your family use these oils safely, but it creates a natural barrier that puts the fun back in activities like hiking, camping, days on the lake, and more. If the elements of nature are taking the enjoyment out of your springtime activities, turn to Thyme for the outdoor protection you need to get back to nature.