Living Magazine Spring 2019 doTERRA Living Magazine - Page 15

Essential Oil Spotlight Hawaiian Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum Aromatic Description: Rich, honey, sweet, woody Distillation Method: Steam Distillation Plant Part: Wood Much like its native Hawaii, Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatum) produces a calming effect, as it soothes skin and promotes emotional well-being by dissipating tense feelings. With thousands of years of documented use, this oil has a high value to many users. Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and well-being, making it a perfect oil to incorporate into massage or aromatherapy. Sandalwood is very soothing and beneficial to the skin, making it highly sought after in body and skin care products. Hawaiian Sandalwood can reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while providing an overall youthful-looking complexion. In addition to being soothing and beneficial to the skin, Hawaiian Sandalwood provides these same effects to mood, helping to lessen tension and promote emotional well-being. How to use: Aromatically   Diffuse or apply to the neck and shoulders at bedtime for a restful night’s sleep.  Diffuse to promote calm and boost mood. Topically   Add 1–2 drops to your favorite moisturizer or night cream for smooth, glowing skin.   Dilute with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. / 15