Living Magazine Spring 2019 doTERRA Living Magazine - Page 11

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. All of us at some point will have too much on our plates. Through using different techniques and practices, we can all better learn to handle our stress and find more peace in our day-to-day lives. Practice Meditation In our busy, hectic lives, one of the scarcest commodities can be silence. It’s important to take time each day to let go and find some moments of silence. Meditation gives you the opportunity and time to clear all the thoughts from your head and enjoy the peace. A clear head can be a type of reset button allowing you to reprioritize and start your day, or the rest of your day, with a fresh outlook. As you begin your meditation, rub Melissa on your forehead, shoulders, or chest to help promote feelings of relaxation and relieve feelings of stress. Another great option to help with your meditation is to diffuse the dōTERRA Peace® Blend to help create a calming environment where you can truly let go of the stresses you carry with you. Participate in Positive Self-Talk Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Kind self-talk can help alter our mindset, promote positive thinking, and reduce the stress that happens when we feel insufficient. This self-talk can be as simple as telling yourself, “I am enough.” Or, if you find yourself in a stress-inducing situation, instead of telling yourself, “This is horrible. Everything is falling apart,” pause and tell yourself, “I am capable, and everything will be okay.” To help promote feelings of optimism and positivity, apply a drop of dōTERRA Cheer® to your hands and inhale deeply. Alternatively, apply dōTERRA® Jasmine Touch as a personal fragrance for a consistent aroma that will uplift your mood throughout the day. Keep a Gratitude Journal Take a moment each day to recognize the good in your life. A gratitude journal can help us gain perspective and banish the bad habit of always believing we don’t have enough. You can write about someone who makes your life better, or something that made you laugh that day. If you find that you’re having trouble getting started, you can find prompts online. Whatever you choose to write about, make sure to take time each day to recognize the simple things that are good in your life. Slow Down and Be Present Our lives can get so hectic; from the time we get up until our head hits the pillow at night, it can feel like we are sprinting from one thing to the next. When we get into the habit of living life at that frantic pace, it can be hard to appreciate the time we spend with others. So, when you’re with those who are important to you, pause and be present in the moment. Don’t simply think about what you need to do next, but appreciate where you are and who you are with. When we stop the running to-do list in our mind, we can let go of some of our stress and enjoy the everyday moments. Take advantage of the grounding benefits of dōTERRA Balance® throughout the day by putting a drop or two on the bottom of your feet in the morning. Or diffuse Siberian Fir at a family function to promote a relaxed and soothing environment. Engage in Regular Exercise One thing that often gets missed on our busy to-do lists is regular exercise. Among other benefits, regular exercise can help release endorphins and lower stress. Finding time for regular physical activity is definitely a habit we should all create for ourselves. dōTERRA has some excellent products to help us as we begin, or continue, our exercise journey. Take Mito2Max®, along with the other supplements in the dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, to ensure your body has the energy and nutrients it needs to perform whatever type of exercise you’re interested in.* Then, after you’re done, don’t forget to use any of the Deep Blue® line of products and take advantage of their soothing benefits. * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. / 11