Living Magazine Fall 2015 Living Magazine - Page 4

WITHIN REACH: The Co- -Impact Story of Ylang Ylang On the island of Nosy Be, just off the northwest coast of Madagascar, the branches of ylang ylang trees stretch out parallel to the ground. The careful growers purposefully prune them that way to make it easier to harvest the tree’s blossoms. But even as the blossoms become easier to reach, sustainable income from their harvest continues to be a difficult problem to solve. dōTERRA and an on-the-ground partner are now working to empower those who produce Ylang Ylang—the growers, harvesters, and distillers—to change their own circumstances, starting with their income. THE HEART OF CŌ-IMPACT SOURCING As in other places where Cō-Impact Sourcing is being implemented, Nosy Be has its struggles. It also has great potential thanks to our highly valued partnership we have with the people that was facilitated through our partners on the ground. Cō-Impact Sourcing works because of the empowering effects of partnership. These partnerships ensure fair treatment for growers or harvesters, which is usually jeopardized by middlemen. The demand dōTERRA has for quality essential oils means that ylang ylang growers and distillers have a guaranteed buyer. Without such a buyer, distillers sell their oil to the highest bidder, which does not always pay that much. Price speculation hits farmers who are not in a cooperative or who do not have a partner committed to helping them succeed especially hard. There are other benefits, too. Growers who create quality product and then continue to improve it are rewarded for their efforts. Not only do they receive a fair wage, in return for producing higher quality oil they are rewarded with an annual bonus. They can also invest more in expanding their production capacity by putting in new distillation units and getting more growers into cooperatives so they can be better organized to reach higher production volumes. WHY YLANG YLANG? Since the late 1800s, ylang ylang, or Cananga odorata, has been grown in Nosy Be, and from these trees comes some of the highest quality Ylang Ylang oil in the world. Originally introduced to Madagascar by French perfumers when it was a French colony, ylang ylang has a very refined process of distillation. As the perfume industry needs very specific scents, a specific method was developed unique to this oil. Ylang ylang is divided out into several different profiles: Ylang Ylang I, II, III, extra, and complete. This means that different weighted molecules come off during differing times in the distillation process, top notes first, and bottom notes last. For dōTERRA Ylang Ylang, the Ylang Ylang complete profile is used.