Living Magazine Fall 2015 Living Magazine - Page 28

USEFUL TIPS: 1. Use heavy duty foil to avoid ripping. 2. Place the food on the shiny side of the tin foil to help food cook faster and more evenly. 3. Use cooking spray on the foil before adding your ingredients. 4. Cut up your meat and vegetables into small bite-size pieces to expedite the cooking process. 5. P lace meat on the bottom. Softer vegetables like bell peppers and onions should be placed in the middle of the meal (not near the tinfoil) to prevent burning. 6. Add more seasoning than normal. Mix in seasoning into your meat and your vegetables. You can also add a few slices of butter, or drizzle olive oil on the top of your meat and vegetables for additional flavor and moisture. 7. Double wrap your dinner, especially if your food is heavy, or if you plan to eat directly from the pack. 8. M  ake sure to cook in the coals and not the flames to avoid burning your dinner. The bed of coals needs to be big enough so all the dinners can be cooked at the same time. You can place a few coals on the top. When cooking at home, you can throw your dinner in the oven or on a grill. Preparing a tin foil dinner is simple, delicious, and fun—whether you are venturing out in HܙX]