Living Magazine Fall 2014 Living Magazine v2 - Page 7

being. I found motivation in my changing physique. I found motivation in my ability to concentrate and focus and make progress in my long-term endeavors. I found motivation in my ability to be active for an entire day and still feel good at the end. Most importantly, I found motivation through the improved relationships with my loved ones and the experiences and memories I am now able to enjoy. I found motivation in developing a close, personal support system. For too long, I have experience a downward spiral with my wellness. Now, I am experiencing something much more powerful—the success cycle of positive action. One small, positive change makes the next goal easier while reinforcing the last healthy habit. This became my foundation for motivation and supported my purpose, which was to achieve a level of wellness that would allow me to experience life to its fullest and achieve my dreams. My lifelong goal is to attend medical school and, as part of my work, be the catalyst for helping others make lifestyle changes as well. Without first taking care of myself, I wouldn’t physically be able to handle the pressure and demands of the academic process. I also wouldn’t have the perspective to help others make those changes. EMBRACING THE CHANGE I have significantly changed almost every aspect of my wellness in three short months. I sleep better, have more energy, and participate in more physical activity than I have in years. I've noticed that even though I do have cravings for food I shouldn't eat, I am in control now. By cutting my refined sugar level down to a very minimal amount, I have noticed massive changes in my ability to heal, fight off illness, and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I have begun hiking and enjoying the outdoors, areas I have not been able to go in several years. This has helped me reconnect with a part of me that has felt lost before after dōTERRA REGIMEN Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend (Item No. 31370001) Lifelong Vitality Pack (Item No. 34210001) DigestZen Digestive Blend (Item No. 31030001) Zendocrine Detoxification Blend (Item No. 31460001) “Each meal every day consists of a good,