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quick shopping reference for all products U.S. RETAIL PRICING SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL Santalum album A T I N 30210001 THYME ESSENTIAL OIL Thymus vulgaris A 5 mL I T D 30220001 15 mL VETIVER ESSENTIAL OIL Vetiveria zizanoides A T I N $36.67 retail 30430001 WINTERGREEN ESSENTIAL OIL Abies alba A 15 mL $46.00 retail $82.33 retail WHITE FIR ESSENTIAL OIL 30250001 15 mL A S T 30230001 15 mL $21.33 retail I T N 30170001 38150001 N 30240001 I 15 mL PEPPERMINT BEADLET Cananga odorata A T $14.00 retail $26.67 retail YLANG YLANG ESSENTIAL OIL Gaultheria procumbens Citrus sinensis A N T WILD ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL 125 ct. $15.33 retail 15 mL $47.00 retail PROPRIETARY ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS dōTERRA’s essential oil blends are proprietary formulas for targeted wellness applications. They represent the converging wisdom of many years of therapeutic essential oil experience and validation of a growing body of research and scientific study. Harnessing the inherent living energies of plants, each formula is synergistically balanced to enhance product potency and benefits and contains only CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. AROMATOUCH® MASSAGE BLEND T N BALANCE GROUNDING BLEND A 31200001 15 mL T N 31010001 BREATHE RESPIRATORY BLEND A 15 mL T S CITRUS BLISS INVIGORATING BLEND A T N CLEAR SKIN TOPICAL BLEND T N 37170001 $34.67 retail $26.67 retail 31070001 $26.67 retail DEEP BLUE® SOOTHING BLEND DIGESTZEN® DIGESTIVE BLEND ELEVATION™ JOYFUL BLEND IMMORTELLE ANTI-AGING BLEND 15 mL $20.00 retail T A S 31380001 10 mL T I 31030001 N 15 mL A T 15 mL N 31040001 31020001 T 15 mL 15 mL 37140001 10 mL $85.33 retail $92.67 retail ON GUARD® PROTECTIVE BLEND PASTTENSE® TENSION BLEND PURIFY CLEANSING BLEND SERENITY CALMING BLEND I 31100001 S 15 mL A T N 31350001 A 10 mL T N 31060001 A 15 mL T N 31090001 T N 41840001 15 mL $46.00 retail $49.33 ret